B19, the Business Club to grow your business

About us

Break Boundaries, Build Business

The B19 vision is clear: to create an inclusive and diverse business world, where every entrepreneur has a voice and makes a unique contribution. Unlike other clubs that focus on the elite, B19 embraces SMEs and welcomes a diverse audience, aged between 30 and 65.

Beyond the traditional Business Club et Networking

As a B19 member, you are not just a participant, but a key player in a dynamic and growing community.

You benefit from free weekly events to expand your network locally, nationally, and sometimes internationally. These events range from breakfasts and seminars to business speed dating, lunches, afterworks, workshops… With inspiring speakers and guests, all in an easy-going atmosphere.

Each event is an opportunity to discover inspiring speakers and guests, exchange ideas and build long-lasting relationships, all in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

In other words, the B19 is not just a traditional business club. It’s a revolution in the world of Belgian networking, offering you unique opportunities to grow, collaborate and innovate your business.

The values that drive the B19


The B19 strongly believes that everyone, regardless of their status or sector, has a unique value and contribution to make. The club strives to break down the traditional barriers of the business world, welcoming members from all backgrounds.


The B19 is committed to making business networking accessible. With an annual membership fee of 600€ excluding VAT (€50/month), members have full access to all the club's benefits and events, with no hidden costs or additional fees.

A balance between Professionalism and Pleasure

The B19 adheres to the philosophy of "Work hard, play hard". It acknowledges the importance of working hard to achieve professional excellence, while valuing moments of indulgence and enjoyment.


Within the B19, every member regardless of their status can find opportunities to collaborate, share ideas and build strategic partnerships.

The B19 App

The B19 App offers members a flawless experience, facilitating interactions within the Business Club Network.

Not only can you access the calendar of events, register for them in one click and browse the list of club members, but you can also enjoy the carpooling feature, enabling members to share rides to events.

Boost your business opportunities while meeting member of the club near you !